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The producers of Genesis Vortexed Water© would like your help in saving water one drop at a time and helping to preserve the natural resources for future generations. By your every purchase of Genesis Vortexed Water, you are supporting the non-use of depleatible, natural, pristine water sources around the planet. You are helping to take responsability for the waters we have now, that are damaged and in need of saving. Through the use of pureH2Otechnology's advanced water filtration, we can take dead, unlivined, damaged water and bring it back to a healthy, life giving, pure element. Through the use of advanced hyper-filtration, magnetics, light, sound, multi-vortexing and various other unique, propriatary methods, we can now re-enliven water back to it’s original state, giving water back the ability to give life once more, as well as help to sustain future generation to come. Through the study of planetarial nature and the fine master-works of Viktor Schauberger and other water gurus, scientists and experts in the feild of waterology, the team at pureH2Otechnology can now provide pristine water from any source, anywhere to your home, office, etc.. Our water does not contain any harmful imprinting, or other toxic & life-depleating elements. Our water contains only essential minerals, love and the purity of h2o. Time to wake up to the possibilities. Thank you for you support. To find out more...

The time has come for the truth about water!


Produced & formulated by
using the Living Waters System© filtration

16.9 fl. oz. of pure, re-enlivened & re-structured h2o, slightly alkaline pH of 7.2 to 7.6, ionized silver ions at 1-2ppm, ionic sea minerals, quantum energetics, lots of nurturing, care & love at 528hz, micro-clustered, hexangonal water, using Bio-Ceramic©, Multi-Vortexing Technology

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Join us in saving water one drop at a time, through the One-Drop-at-a-Time foundation.
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